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Conservation and restoration of the Allis shad in the Gironde and Rhine watersheds

Fachbericht 70, englische Version, LANUV 2016

The allis shad is one of Europe‘s most vulnerable species. The identification of the reasons for this development, in addition to the continuation and documentation of the success of stocking activities in the Rhine, is the aim of the Life+ project „Conservation and Restoration of the Allis shad in the Rhine and Gironde Watersheds“.

The project has two distinct and yet inseparable pilot measures in order to protect the stocks of Alosa Alosa: the aim of preserving the reintroduction of the species in its former area of distribution and the investigation of the reasons for the decline of the largest remaining population with the aim of maintaining and improving the stock situation of allis shad in Europe.

The measures are jointly coordinated by the LANUV and the Rhinish Fisheries Federation from 1880 and implemented in cooperation with partners in the French Aquitaine, the Netherlands and in the German federal states North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen.



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